Totem Wolf - Tattoo Buff.

Blend No. 79  - Cedarwood and Grapefruit

£9.99 - 30gm


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This new product will help to bring your older faded tattoos back to life again. When you first had them done they were a sight to behold but over time and the effects of the sun on your skin, sadly these beautiful works of art are no longer the statement pieces they were. Now with Tattoo Buff, our secret formulated natural product, you can bring them back to life again, without it costing the earth. You made an investment in your tattoo so give it that new lease of life.



"Tattoo Buff" is a great product for any tattooist collector. It's all-natural, non-greasy, smells fresh, and helps bring your old tattoos to life by rejuvenating your skin" - Loren Fetterman - Leading Manchester Tattooist.


Blend No. 79 is a strong, masculine fragrance that promises fresh citrus notes of grapefruit leading to a sensational woody, earthy base of cedarwood which anchors this amazing sensual manly fragrance. It arrives in a handy 30 gm / 1oz tin that will last for some time.


How to use:- The special formula used in the creation of Tattoo Buff ©™ has been created for the use on older tattoos which have lost their vibrancy due to ageing of the skin and fading ink colours. In our trials we found a marked difference after use. You must ensure that you use sunscreen as well as our product. You will only require a small amount on each application. Take an amount from the tin, rub it onto tattoo after showering or bathing and bask in the glory of your revitalised tattoo.




Key Ingredients:- Persea gratissima, Butyrosperum parkii fruit butter. Parfum, Limonene*, Linalool.* * naturally occurring in essential oils.



Information:- All our products are natural, using the best  premium grade raw materials and essential oils. Our fragrances are exclusive to Totem Wolf. None of our products are tested on animals. All our products are made by hand at Totem Wolf's Artisan Studio in the heart of Manchester, UK.

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