Beard Balm
Reference: TW/BB/79
Category: Shop
Our beard balm is a carefully forulated blend of oils and essential oils to nourish and moisturise your skin and your beard. The main aim of the balm is to soften the hairs but allow increased circulatrion of the blood in the skin to help promote a healthy environment for your beard to grow. It comb...
Blend No.79 - Beard Savon
Reference: TW/SC/79
Category: Shop
Our beard savon shampoo cubes will clean and nourish your beard and moisturise the skin below. Just use in shower or bath and incorporate cleaning your beard as part of your own routine. Apply to wet hair or skin and lather up to gain the full benefits of the natural oils within, then rinse off as u...
Category: Shop
An enticing blend of grapefruit and fresh clean peppermint which give way to a rather cheeky rosemary and sage heart, gently caressing the woody undertones of cedarwood and patchouli that embrace each other like brothers in arms. This very sexy manly fragrance, has sensuality, style and manliness al...
Variations Available: 30ml
Moustache Wax
Reference: TW/MW/79
Category: Shop
A mid to hard wax for the styling of your moustache hair. Only a small amount is needed so the cintents are likely to last for some time. Blend No. 79 is a strong, masculine fragrance that promises fresh citrus grapefruit which leads to a sensational woody, earthy base of cedarwood. It a...
Tattoo Buff
Reference: TW/TB/79
Category: Shop
This new product will help to bring your older faded tattoos back to life again. When you first had them done they were a sight to behold but over time and the effects of the sun on your skin, sadly these beautiful works of art are no longer the statement pieces they were. Now with Tattoo Buff, our ...