Beard Balm
Reference: TW/BB/79
Category: Shop
Our beard balm is a carefully forulated blend of oils and essential oils to nourish and moisturise your skin and your beard. The main aim of the balm is to soften the hairs but allow increased circulatrion of the blood in the skin to help promote a healthy environment for your beard to grow. It comb...
Category: Shop
An enticing blend of grapefruit and fresh clean peppermint which give way to a rather cheeky rosemary and sage heart, gently caressing the woody undertones of cedarwood and patchouli that embrace each other like brothers in arms. This very sexy manly fragrance, has sensuality, style and manliness al...
No. 79 Cologne / Aftershave
Reference: TW/79/COL
Category: Shop
ICONIC MEN’S SCENT NOW AVAILABLE! “I created our now Iconic No.79 fragrance to evoke memories in all who experience the fresh, herby, masculine fragrance that now is not only available in all our premium beard care products but also in a cologne and aftershave.” said Mr. Wolf in a recent...