In the beginning ...

Having had face fur in one form or another for almost all my adult life, when I created Totem Wolf and our sister company Soap Deluxe, I had in mind a business that would offer hand-made, artisan grooming, bath and body products.


These products would avoid all the chemicals and nasty additives found in commercial products.


They would not only be 100% natural, using top quality raw materials but they would have our own unique scents, rather than the usual off-the-shelf" synthetics.


So I set off on a mission.


Nine years ago there were very few companies around making products for beards and the like and as I had just set up my soap making business, the obvious solution was there. Make my own!


Totem Wolf was born ...


"The wolf is both a loner and a pack member. He lives his life by his own rules and keeps his own company. He treads a path that is of his own making and is confident being alone ... that said, he works well as a pack member of a unique team. He understands how it's important to be there for others and to protect."


Using the same 100% natural ingredients that I used then, we now have some amazing products, fantastic original fragrances, all made in-house. A whole new generation of potential, furry faced men have grown in that time, just "itching" to get their beard on! As all established beardsters will know, the itching is in most cases the make or break of a good beard.



Our products are specifically tailored to nourish and moisturise not only the beard itself but the skin underneath.


A very important factor when growing a beard. Will our products give you a big strong beard fast?


We can confirm for sure,our products will help enormously.


Our ingredients are top grade in all our products and when we look for new essential oils, we go for the best we can find from around the world.




(Photo by kind permission of Keith Parker)

Talk to us if you want to know anything that we may be able to help you with and we promise not to bite!


Have fun and enjoy.



Founder of Totem Wolf


 As seen in British GQ Magazine


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