Totem Wolf is strong in character, a bit rough around the edges but is gentle in nature.


Just like the animal, our brand Totem Wolf stands proud.The wolf shows strength and honesty and that's what we have tried to create, not only in our products but our way of working, whether it's creating in-house fragrances, new product's, or filling bottles with our nourishing beard oil blends, we do it all with passion.


Totem Wolf has been around for the last nine years and during that time there have been significant changes in men's grooming, non more so that the emergence of the beard. At first thought to be a "fad" with each new year however, more and more men keeping their pride and joy firmly as a symbol of who they are.


Their face fur determining their own personal style and whilst being part of the pack, it identifys them as individuals in shape, length and substance.


Whether your face fur is just starting off or is big enough to warrant great respect, beards are most certainly here to stay and as such, Totem Wolf is the company to turn to for care and understanding of your face fur needs.


Bring out that inner wolf in you and experience the quality in our beard oils and the nourishment in our beard creams and waxes,  all that is Totem Wolf.


We are well established and take great pride in producing premium quality products.