Totem Wolf - Beard Savon.

Blend No. 79  - Grapefruit and Cedarwood


£16.00  -  260g / 9.17oz


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A strong, masculine fragrance that promises fresh citrus notes of grapefruit and the clean smell of peppermint. It's heart is a subtle combination of aromatic rosemary and healing clary sage, leading to a sensational woody, earthy base of cedarwood and patchouli which anchors this amazing sensual manly fragrance.

260g  - 9.17oz - Two pack in our Iconic box to retain freshness and manly scent. 



How to use:-

1.Apply to wet hair or skin.

2. Lather up to gain the full benefits of the natural oils within the cube.

3.Ensure that both hair and skin are thoroughly washed.

4. Rinse and towel dry.

5. Apply some of our premium beard oil as required.



Our beard savon shampoo cubes will clean and nourish your beard and moisturise the skin below. Just use in shower or bath and incorporate cleaning your beard as part of your own routine. We use the centuries old method of soap making by cold process. Based on vegetable oils with added nourishing Shea and Cocoa butter and the all important factor for great firm and stable bubbles, castor oil, with its conditioning and moisturising properties. These cubes not only cleanse your beard but can be used on hair and the rest of your body.



Ingredients.Aqua, sodium olea europea, sodium cocos nucifera, sodium rapeseed oil, sodium buttyrospermum, sodium ricinus communis, sodium zea mays, sodium butyrum theobroma cacao. Parfume Blend No. 79.


Information:- All our products are natural, using the best  premium grade raw materials and essential oils. Our fragrances are exclusive to Totem Wolf. None of our products are tested on animals. All our products are made by hand at Totem Wolf's Artisan Studio in the heart of Manchester, UK. Fully covered by safety certification.


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