A fragrance for Manchester


... After embarking off the tram at Victoria station, they began to weave in and out of the rushing Mancunians going about their business. They stopped to take a breath and automatically felt enveloped in that familiar scent of home.


That reminiscent scene, rain bouncing off the pavements, a sea of umbrellas, mostly locals doing what they do best. Braving the rain, "God I love this city."


That wet Monday washday morning scent, came flooding back. The warmth of the City from the cheery "you, OK's" to that familiar market street scene. That feeling of safety!


They were right to come, to feel home once again. The recent events in "their" city that had threatened to break the very thread of community, the tragic loss of life and injuries sending widespread shock and horror, not only in Manchester, but across the world, had made them realise that being away from the place that had protected them whilst they were growing up, had called them back.


It was impossible to ignore the pull of home. They were back, amongst this city, united in grief and united in love, back in the arms of their beloved Cottonopolis.


22.05.17 - we will never forget!



This new fragrance was created in one of the original cotton mills of Manchester, Lancashire, UK, from an overwhelming desire to help and support a city in tragedy.  


These three products are all handmade and made to order, so please allow at least 7 days from date of order to despatch day. If we can deliver your order sooner we will but these are not products from a shelf but made as orders are received.


The soap bars, which have real honey in them and the premium beard oil, are limited to only 100 pieces of each. All boxes are numbered to show their exclusive nature.


Profits from the three products, are going to the "Red Cross - We love Manchester" appeal, so you will be helping to raise money for the families affected by this tragedy here in Manchester. 


Big thank you to you for buying these items and helping to raise money.

This is a joint effort between a small group of locals who have been good enough to help in the creative process. In no particular order they are:- Julia Milne (Local artist at AWOL Studios) Kev Timmins, Manchester Bee keeper, Beth Travers for design support, Darren Moore who is the creative genius behind our version of the Manchester Bee. To Potters Packaging and all our suppliers, a huge thank-you to you for your support, it is most appreciated.